Training Activities


The Institute for Olive Tree and Subtropical Plants with the scientific and technical staff and the existing appropriate infrastructure is actively involved in the sectors of Education - Training and Public Awareness, ensuring a high level of training and education.



The Institute infrastructure supports its educational and training activities, including:

  • Conference and lectures hall, having a capacity of 180 people, fully-equipped with audio-visual, educational and presentation media, as translator booth, microphonic installations, video and transparency projectors.
  • Meeting room, having a capacity of 15-20 people, fully equipped with audio-visual presentation media.
  • Library


The educational activities of the Institute are mostly focused to the subjects of its research activities and are addressed mainly to agronomists, biologists, cooperatives, farmers, etc. An indicative list of educational activities you can find here.
The scientific staff of the Institute participates in training programs of students from Universities, supervising their thesis carried out in the Institute and is involved in specialization of graduate and post-graduate student's programs from University departments and Technical Institutions of our country and abroad.








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