Laboratory of Physiology & Plant Mineral Nutrition

  • Study the mineral nutrition of olive tree, citrus, subtropical crops and vegetables
  • Apply leaf and soil analyses as a tool for nutrient deficiency correction and sustainable fertilizing of crops
  • Study fruit tree physiology and response to abiotic stresses
  • Alternative and environmental friendly practices for fertilizing crops
  • Services to the local agricultural sector in the field of plant mineral nutrition


  • Application of best agricultural practices related to plant mineral nutrition
  • Surveys for recording crop nutritional status and adaptation of fertilizer application
  • Adaptation of the foliar application of fertilizers for the local conditions
  • Diagnosis and correction of the most common nutrient deficiencies for the local crops
  • Improvement of avocado yield potential by using different cultural practices (girdling, application of chemicals to improve fruit set, etc.)
  • Use of antagonism in nutrient uptake to minimize the negative effects of salinity
  • Use of olive mill wastewater to improve soil fertility.

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Research Projects

Indicative list of recent Projects with participation of our Lab:

  • "Sustainable management of biotic and abiotic parameters in hydroponic culture of tomato and lettuce" (HYDROFLIES), INTERREG III, 2012-2014
  • "Introduction of new olive crop management practices focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation" (OLIVE-CLIMA), LIFE11, 2012-2017.
  • "Biotechnological recycle of olive mills washing water by microalgae" (ALGATEC) in the FP7-SME-2008-1 της Ε.Ε. (Grant agreement: 232331). (
  • "Innovation Center of Crete with emphasis on natural resources management". EEA Grants (2010-2012)
  • "Characterization and Management of Olive Mill Wastewater" Cooperation for R&T between Greece-Montenegro (2006 - 2008)
  • "Innovative irrigation techniques for improved water use efficiency and fruit quality" in Be-lateral Cooperation for R&T between Greece-Tunisia (contract GSRT-135e).
  • "Safe and high quality food production using low quality waters and improved irrigation systems and management" (SAFIR) in the FP6-2004-FOOD-3-B της Ε.Ε. (contract FOOD-CT-2005-023168). (
  • "Study of the effect of potassium on tomato growth, yield and distribution of mineral elements in the plant, under saline water irrigation conditions". Funded by the GSRT - Greek - Yugoslavian Cooperation for Research and Technology. (2002-2004).
  • "Providing guidelines for the sustainable use of fertilizers in olive orchards according to soil and leaf analyses and crop information". Funded by EOP ELEOURGIKI. (2004).

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Indicative list of publications:

  • PSARRAS G., CHARTZOULAKIS K., KASAPAKIS I., KLOPMANN W. 2014. Effect of different irrigation techniques and water qualities on yield, fruit quality and health risks of tomato plants. Acta Hort. 1038: 601-608.
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  • CHARTZOULAKIS K., PSARRAS G., MOUTSOPOULOU M., STEFANOUDAKI E. 2010. Application of olive mill wastewater to a Cretan olive orchard: Effects on soil properties, plant performance and the environment. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 138: 293-298.
  • JENSEN C.R., BATTILIANI A., PLAUBORG F., PSARRAS G., CHARTZOULAKIS K., JANOWIAK F., STIKIC R., JOVANOVIC Z., LI G., QI X., LIU F., JACOBSEN S.E., ANDERSEN M.N. 2010. Deficit irrigation based on drought tolerance and root signalling in potatoes and tomatoes. Agric. Water Manag. 98: 403-413.
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