Laboratory of Plant Pathology

  • Study of the biology and epidemiology of the pathogens responsible for the main crop diseases in Crete.
  • Study of the rhizosphere and phyllosphere microflora.
  • Development of techniques, methods and means on integrated or biological control of diseases, to reduce the impacts of the use of chemicals on the agroecosystem and the public health.
  • Study on the effectiveness of new active substances with fungicide and bactericide action.
  • Use of mild fungicides for the control of plant diseases.


  • Development and widely application of the physico-biological method of soil solarization for the control of pests, pathogens and weeds and the improvement of soil fertility.
  • Analyzation of the total soil mycoflora of the greenhouse areas at the prefecture of Chania. Isolation of 10 beneficial species which could be used on the preparation of biological products or artificial suppressive soils for the control of soil pathogens.


  • Development of methods, by utilizing the phenomenon of allelopathy, of using vegetative essential oils in practice for the control of Botrytis on tomato and Ascosphaerosis on bees.
  • Study of the possibility to control crop diseases by the use of biological products and soft fungicides, such as sulfur with Thiobacillus, parafinic oils, sodium bicarbonate and phosphonate compounds.
  • Assisted towards the development of an integrated program for the control of Botrytis, based on the monitoring of the pathogen resistance level and the use of specific plastic material for the roof of the greenhouse.
  • Contribution, through relevant studies, to the production of a specific plastic material with high impenetrability in methyl bromide.
  • Support for the approval of 15 new fungicides through experiments for the effectiveness of new active substances.
  • Study and development of biological and chemical methods for the control of new diseases observed on citrus trees and kiwifruit plants (citrus dry root rot, Alternaria of kiwifruit plant).


  • Study the growth of techniques and means as alternative of the methyl bromide in the control of soil pathogens of greenhouse vegetables.
  • Efforts made for the development of artificial suppressive soils with selective indigenous antagonists for the control of soilborne diseases in various crops.
  • Study the use of spraying solution ionized with cooper ions towards the direction of reducing fungicide and especially copper doses.
  • Study of the possibility to control soilborne diseases with the use of ozone diluted in the irrigation water alone or in combination with antagonistic fungi.
  • Study of the effectiveness of the plant defense system stimulator harpin Ea for the control of soilborne as well as upper part diseases.
  • Technical support to approximately 500 growers every year, for the control of the phytopathological problems of their crops.



Research Projects
  • "Network development for exchanging information on the research and applications of biological farming. Ministry of Agriculture.
  • "Production of biological olive oil". LEADER II.
  • "Control of Varroa jacobsoni Oud by the use of vegetative substances". Ministry of Agriculture.
  • "Study of effectiveness of plant protective and other means for the control of several plant diseases". Founding: Various Companies.
  • "Alternative methods of soil disinfection for the replacement of methyl bromide". Ministry of Agriculture.
  • "Regional Network of Technology Supply (RENTS)". Innovative Actions ERFD 2000-06.
  • "Accreditation trials - Demostration applications in Integrated Production of Olive (Table - Oil varieties)". AGROCERT.
  • "Support study on applying codes of Good Agricultural Practice". Elaiourgiki.
  • "Modernization and reformation of Corfu island olive grove". Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food.


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